[GettyImages] Why can't I delete my content myself?


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    Getty Images and iStock maintain a large and vast catalogue of content, with thousands of files in the process of being purchased for licensing, currently licensed, or being added to a board by clients, and therefore we need to closely monitor when content is removed. By doing this, it helps us ensure we don’t lose potential sales and keeps our product offering consistent to customers.

    If you want to delete content from our sites, you can learn more here.

    here: https://contributors.gettyimages.com/HelpArticle.aspx?article_id=5371
    To keep our customer experience consistent, we will not remove accepted content without a valid legal reason.

    If there is something wrong with the file or its metadata, we can help you correct it without removing the file.

    If you have a valid legal reason for deleting a file, or you’d like to edit a file, requests can be made by opening a ticket. Select “File Editing” from the first menu, then choose the most relevant option from the second menu.

    On occasion, you may want to clean up your portfolio. Customers typically already have a concept or image in mind and use keywords to find the content they want. It’s rare that they take the time to look through contributors’ portfolios, so editing your portfolio isn’t necessary.

    Whenever you request that we edit or delete files, please quote the correct File ID, and submit your File IDs in a comma separated format: i.e.: 123456789, 123456789, 123456789.

    Here’s where you can find your file IDs in ESP:


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